Adverse Weather Conditions

If temperatures fall below 3C on average in the country during your order’s delivery date, we will reach out with two options and a default for no reply: 1) We can hold your order until temperatures rise, with live arrival guaranteed; 2) We can cancel your order. If no reply is received, we will default to holding your order (Option 1). Similar protocols apply for extreme heat during summer.

Live Arrival Guarantee

We guarantee the live arrival of our isopods. If any deaths occur, we require photo evidence of the isopods (belly up) and the complete packaging on the arrival day. Refunds or resends cannot be processed without this evidence. Note that deaths due to poor husbandry are not covered.

Delayed or Lost Items

If your item doesn’t arrive within 11 working days from the expected arrival date, please contact us for a refund or resend offer. If you need to know the expected date, feel free to reach out, and we will provide the date of posting.

Cancellation Policy

Orders can be cancelled unless they have been marked as dispatched.

Returns Policy

Please note that we do not accept returns.