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Welcome to Bugs in the House, your go-to online destination for an incredible variety of isopods and mini beasts in the UK! As a family-run business nestled in the North of England, we’re proud to offer an exceptional range of creatures to hobbyists, research centres, pet shops, exotic pet keepers, schools, and zoos alike.

Meet Your Fellow Bug Lovers!

Having started our journey on eBay more than three years ago, we quickly identified gaps in the UK isopod market, such as the scarcity of sellers offering large quantities, standardized sizes, customized orders, and, most importantly, fair pricing. We seized the opportunity to bring about change, adapting our hobbyist approach and refining our keeping techniques for breeding purposes.

At Bugs in the House, we provide a wide array of isopod species in various quantities and sizes, all based on a more cost-effective and effort-driven system. As a result, our customers enjoy greater choice and accessibility to these fascinating creatures.

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Why Choose Bugs In The House?

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Exceptional Variety

We’re working towards an unmatched range of isopod species and mini beasts, ensuring you find the perfect creatures to suit your unique needs.
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Customized Orders

Our ability to provide standardized sizes and customized orders sets us apart, catering to the specific requirements of each customer.
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Competitive Pricing

We prioritize affordability, offering high-quality creatures at fair and competitive prices, making the fascinating world of isopods accessible to all.
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Expert Knowledge

With years of experience as hobbyists and breeders, we provide top-notch creatures, reliable advice, and outstanding support to all our customers.
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Passionate Community

Choose Bugs in the House and join a passionate community of enthusiasts who celebrate and care for these incredible creatures.
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Educational Commitment

Support our mission to inspire curiosity and appreciation for the natural world in the next generation, as we strive to work more closely with schools and educators.

Ready To Bug Out?

Some of our Featured Bugs, ready to deliver direct to your door!

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Cubaris Panda King


Cubaris Panda King


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What Our eBay Customers Think

We’re very proud to have received over 1200 (99.8% positive!) reviews on eBay. You can of course now also leave reviews right here on our website!

Sticky And Sweet!

Looking to the future, we’re excited to keep evolving and expanding our offerings. Our primary goals remain the same: lowering prices and providing even more choices for our customers. To that end, we’ve invested in numerous popular and lesser-known isopod species, diligently building their colonies for sustainable sale on our website.

But that’s not all! We’ve also ventured into the world of stick insects, applying the same principles of fair pricing and abundant options. Our passion for these intriguing mini beasts doesn’t stop there; we’re eager to collaborate with more schools and educators, helping to instil a love for bugs in the next generation. After all, these small creatures can provide valuable lessons in the classroom, sparking curiosity and promoting hands-on learning experiences.


Frequently Asked Questions

Some answers to our more common questions and concerns.
  • How much is postage?

    Short answer, free. Longer answer, always free! Smaller orders (for example one or two 10 or 25 packs) will be sent via a ‘letter-box’ delivery, which means that you don’t even need to be there. Larger orders will be sent via parcels. We will contact you if this is the case. Orders over £20 will be sent ‘Tracked 24’ as standard.

  • What day/s do you post?

    Postage days are: Monday, Tuesday & Thursday. Orders made after 3:00am Thursday will be posted on a Monday. No postage on Bank Holidays.

  • Where do you post to?

    U.K. addresses only please. Your order will be refunded if the delivery address is not in the U.K.

  • What should I do when they get here?

    Please allow them to come to room temperature slowly; giving them time to acclimate before you move them into their new enclosure.

  • My order didn’t arrive, will they be ok?

    Please be assured that if your parcel/letter gets misplaced in the delivery system, but arrives before the “lost date”, they should all still be alive but will need a slower warm-up period.
    10 days is the amount of time Royal Mail state before an item can be classed as lost and claimed for. After 10 days we can lodge a claim with Royal Mail and either resend or refund; we can only apologise to you for the long wait but we can’t make them do a better job.

  • My order has arrived, but they are dead. What should I do?

    If your order arrives with damage or deaths we NEED proof of this via pictures clearly showing they are dead, “belly up” is best, within hours of arrival if not straight away. No proof, no refund/resend.

  • Is it too cold to post?

    When temperatures are going to be below 3C on average for the country on the days that your orders would/will be out for delivery, we will ‘hold’ your order until the next post day where the temperatures are more favourable. You will be kept informed if your order is on-hold.
    We hope you understand that this is for the Isopods well-being and the only way we can keep prices so low and guarantee live arrival.

  • How do I look after my new “XXX”?

    We have basic care requirements for our stock in the “Description” of each type we sell, much more detailed info can be found online simply by copy/pasting the type into your search browser. We say this as everyone’s set up is different and this has an impact on a lot of the care needed.

  • I’ve bought small sized, but they don’t look right?

    Don’t worry, they are what you ordered! A few of our isopods don’t start to show their colours until they get a little bigger. Magic Potion babies will look all white until they grow, then their patterns will start to develop.

  • Do they REALLY need a calcium source?

    Yes! Cuttlefish, ground shells, calcium powder; your isopods will struggle without it.

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